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When LaTonya’s grandmother was alive, she helped feed her community. Years later, LaTonya and the PAWKids team is helping feed the people of Grove Park. Before COVID-19, PAWKids was providing enrichment programs for families and when the schools closed there became an emergency need for food and PAWKids responded quickly.

In March, The Gathering Place, PAWKids’ second house, was turned into an emergency food distribution center. Now that PAWKids is serving over 2,000 meals a week. PAWKid's needed a more permanent way to serve our community. That is how Claudia’s House, named after LaTonya’s grandmother, came to be. Claudia’s House is a food co-op for Grove Park where families can pay a small fee and gain access to food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and more! PAWKids renovated and leased the building right next to the PAW House and has plans to purchase it by fall. That is where we need your help!



We are proud to launch our Help Us Help Others capital campaign! From now until October 1 we hope to raise $250,000. 


With this money we hope to accomplish three things:
1. Purchase the building and land of Claudia’s House.
2. Employ individuals from our community to run Claudia’s House.
3. Provide support and purchase materials to run this food co-op.

By accomplishing this goal, we are not only able to provide food but also share love in this community. With your help, we believe this has the power to change Grove Park! Would you consider helping us purchase Claudia’s House to provide a consistent food source in the Grove Park food desert?

From now until October 1, we hope to raise $250,000.


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