Children's after school enrichment program


The PAWKids children after school enrichment program is committed to partnering with the parents of Grove Park for the holistic development of their children spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Program Features


Daily Devotionals

Summer Camps

Prayer Journals



Incentivized Trips

Safe Environment

Developing Healthy Relationships


Art & Music Enrichment

Behavioral and Mental Health Services

Homework Help and Tutoring Services


Clothes Closet 

Family Dinners and Summer Lunches

Food Pantry

Grooming and Personal Care

Healthy Snacks

Sports Enrichment 

Our Educational Program

The PAWKids Educational Program creates a pathway for a child to grow academically throughout the school year. Targeted and individualized educational support, based on a student’s strengths and weaknesses, will be provided to each student enrolled in PAWKids. PEP team members, in collaboration with a child’s teacher(s) and parent(s), will work to improve each child’s academic skills, specifically in the area of literacy.

Our Focus

Based on initial reading assessments at the start of the school year, every student enrolled with PAWKids will have a PEP Action Plan to capitalize on strengths and target weaknesses.


Given the importance of reading and phonics at the elementary level, specific attention will be devoted to reading, writing, and word study skills.


During PAWKids enrichment and homework time, students will work in small groups and individually on academic skills related to their personalized PEP.


Our Team

The PEP team consists of dedicated adults who are focused on the educational, social, and emotional

growth of the students at PAWKids. Members of the team include:

  • Susie Judge, PEP Teacher and PEP Coordinator

  • Academic Coach/Mentor (to be assigned to each individual child)

  • Tutors/Teachers (to work with small groups of children)

  • Megan Howard Nellen, PEP Assessment Coordinator, Consultant

  • LaTonya Gates Boston, Director of PAWKids

  • Other related service personnel may serve on a child’s PEP team (ie: O.T., physician, psychologist, etc)



The child is evaluated. The evaluation results gathered by the PEP team will be used to decide the child's appropriate educational program.


A meeting is scheduled with the parent, child and PEP team to discuss the child’s needs. The parent, child, and PEP team will discuss the child’s current strengths and areas of growth which will enhance the creation of the individualized PEP. Parents will sign a contract that will provide specific commitments of the parents in order for the child to be successful throughout the school year. At any time, the PEP team can ask for a meeting in which the parents will commit to and discuss any issues that might arise.


The Coordinator of the PEP team will ensure that the child's educational program is being carried out as it was written.


The child will provide a copy of all progress reports and report cards that they receive from school so that the PEP team can review and make accommodations when needed.


The child's progress toward the annual goals will be reviewed every 12 weeks. His or her parents are regularly informed of their child's progress and will receive a report each semester from the PEP team.


Along with any academic needs of each student, if the PEP team feels that there is a need for behavior intervention, then that will also be discussed and implementing in the PEP.