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Our Families 

Face Many Obstacles

LaTonya saw problems so deep, that if individuals were given access to the right resources, change would happen.  So she started working with Paradise Baptist, a long standing Grove Park church “P” and Atlanta Westside Presbyterian Church, her local church, “AW;”  to create a partnership to help reconcile the communities & start working on these needs. 

PAWKids Was Born

Why Expand Into Family Services? 

After a year, the perspective of the work changed when PAWKids reflected on the deep issues plaguing our families. We learned that children needed a stabilized family in order to thrive; so the idea for Family Enrichment Programs was born. 

Why Children's Enrichment in Grove Park?

When we moved into the neighborhood it was characterized by:

47% single parent homes

over 21% unemployment

47% of families' incomes below the poverty line

99% of students qualified for free or reduced school lunch

3 out of 4 schools in the community had been identified as "failing"

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