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Love In The Solutions

How Our Programs Work

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has deeply influenced our ministry philosophy. With 98% of our staff living in Grove Park, PAWKids openly receives input from the community to quickly solve their physiological needs.  With this approach, PAWKids can earn the community's trust and is able to have a more holistic impact.   


Developing Strong Children Holistically

Children’s enrichment programs are designed with the direct input from parents for the holistic development of their children; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  The main focus is exposure to new people, places and things outside of Grove Park.  PAWKids constantly adjusts/adds programs based on the ever changing needs of the community.


Empowering Families with Tools for Change

Parent/adult enrichment programs are designed with direct input from community members for their holistic needs.  Based on those ever-changing needs, PAWKids constantly adds/adjusts programs.

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten

- David Ogden Steirs

Neighbors Providing Resources for Neighbors


Grove Park neighbors and local police often send individuals to PAWKids because they will served with dignity and respect. Along with these organic ways that PAWKids reach the community, there are also structured outreach efforts inspired by direct input from community members for their holistic needs. Based on those ever-changing needs, we constantly evolve our programs. 


A safe and loving after-school enrichment program where we provide reading mentors & homework help.

The Gathering Place

A warm home for family programs, behavioral health, and a free medical clinic.

Claudia's House

A pantry dedicated to food security and family wellness. 

The Resting Spot

A transition apartment home for neighbors experiencing displacement.

Food Trailer

A mobile trailer that gives us the ability to visit local schools, seniors centers and churches for food outreach with refrigerators and food warming equipment.  

Education Trailer

A mobile learning trailer with internet capability, tutors, and counselors for our students who don't have direct access to our after school enrichment program. 

Our Campus

Our vision is to demonstrate Christian principles through providing community support and developmental activities which uphold moral excellence and build self-confidence. We accomplish this through these locations: 

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