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How Our Programs Work

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has deeply influenced our ministry philosophy. With 98% of our staff living in Grove Park, PAWKids openly receives input from the community to quickly solve their physiological needs.  With this approach, PAWKids can earn the community's trust and is able to have a more holistic impact.   


Developing Strong Children Holistically

Children’s enrichment programs are designed with the direct input from parents for the holistic development of their children; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically.  The main focus is exposure to new people, places and things outside of Grove Park.  PAWKids constantly adjusts/adds programs based on the ever changing needs of the community.

Summer Program

Each week during Summer months are extended day and overnight camps, day trips, and out of state excursions. With partnerships from organizations and businesses, examples of past opportunities have included: New York City, Estes Park Colorado, Navarre Beach Florida, and Alabama Civil Rights Attractions -- (Rosa Parks Museum, Legacy Museum, Memorial for Peace & Justice, Tuskegee Institute & Tuskegee Airfield)


PAWKids began as an after school program but has since expanded with a reading enhancement program. During the 2020 pandemic, PAWKids pivoted to create learning pods where kids were provided with a predictable schedule, tools and safety. The programming and lesson plans were provided by the student's local teacher through online mechanisms. PAWKids provided a facilitator, computer, supplies, breakfast, snack and lunch. The pods were grouped by families thus decreasing the need for social distancing space. Future programs will be based on flexibility for mobile learning capabilities.

Saturday Club

During the school year, PAWKids sponsors monthly Saturday academic and holistic day and overnight activities. These activities are supported by various volunteers and/or organizations that expose children to new experiences. Truly anything you can imagine a child would like to do - supporters have done. Examples: Onsite experiences have included: golf, lacrosse, flag football, tennis, Crossfit, cooking, flower arranging, crafts, and poetry slams. Offsite examples have included: movies, trampoline parks, horseback riding, tubing, dinners, nature hikes, fishing, and sporting events.


Empowering Families with Tools for Change

Parent/adult enrichment programs are designed with direct input from community members for their holistic needs.  Based on those ever-changing needs, PAWKids constantly adds/adjusts programs.

Resource Nights

Once a month we provide dinner and a speaker to teach and train parents on a wide range of topics from nutrition to life insurance to how to advocate for their child at school.

Thursday Family Dinners

Twice a month a volunteer will provide dinner so parents can have a nice meal with their kids around a table as a family.

Bible Studies

Our partnering churches host seasonal bible studies.

Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten

- David Ogden Steirs


Neighbors Providing Resources for Neighbors

Grove Park neighbors and local police often send individuals to PAWKids because they will served with dignity and respect. Along with these organic ways that PAWKids reach the community, there are also structured outreach efforts inspired by direct input from community members for their holistic needs. Based on those ever-changing needs, we constantly evolve our programs. 

Food Distribution

We have an on campus food pantry where neighbors can come to get pre-cooked meals, shelf stable products, and fresh vegetables and fruit. We now have a food truck where we can take these same items to our seniors, homeless neighbors, and displaced families.

Life Transitions

The offsite apartment provides for individuals and families who need temporary housing due to any type of displacement, such as: fire, rent increases, building sold, etc. We also provide a hope haven for when community members need mercy funds for rent, utilities, hotel, food, funeral expenses, etc.

Behavioral/Mental Counseling

Our partnership with Raven’s Nest Foundation, Inc. provides counseling and resources for parents dealing with traumatic experiences or get crisis intervention help for their children’s behavioral health. We also partner with a local licensed counselor to counsel our staff and community members.

Hygiene Hub

Provides to anyone in need, a small clothes closet, mini bagged hygiene supplies, diapers & baby supplies, hot showers, and laundry facilities.

Free Medical Clinic

Monthly the Free Medical Clinic by Love and Healthcare provides blood pressure and blood sugar checks, hemoglobin testing for anemia, and much more. The clinic is run by a licensed physician and staff with years of experience caring for patients. It specializes in stroke, headache, neuropathy, and other neurological problems but provides care for all adults in need.


A safe and loving after-school enrichment program where we provide reading mentors & homework help.

Gathering Place

A warm home for family programs, behavioral health, and a free medical clinic.

Claudia's House

 A neighborhood food pantry where we offer bagged & hot meals, 50 lbs bags of food for pick up, and meals for seniors.

Sam's Oasis

A transition apartment home for neighbors experiencing displacement.

Our Campus

Our vision is to demonstrate Christian principles through providing community support and developmental activities which uphold moral excellence and build self-confidence. We accomplish this through these locations: 

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We exist to provide families with various resources that will empower and encourage them while promoting Christian values, building stronger communities, and developing self-sufficiency.

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