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About Us



We are a faith-aligned community hub that exists to empower, provide holistic resources and build genuine self-sustainability in the lives of our neighbors.  We are driven by authentic connections and rooted in a cultural legacy that honors the worth and dignity of all people.

Our Core Values

Centering Ourselves in Grace

We have joy in our work, hope in difficult circumstances, and a calling to equity and inclusion because of our founding Christian beliefs.

Affirming Human Dignity

By providing beautiful places and quality resources, we acknowledge the image of God in every person we serve. 

Listening With Humility

We meet each person in their particular context and story with curiosity and love.

Focusing on the Whole Person

We address the entire person and the systemic challenges they face, knowing that sustainable change requires a holistic perspective.

Honoring Legacy

We stand on the shoulders of generations of leaders who have given themselves to care for their community.


A safe and loving after-school enrichment program where we provide reading mentors & homework help.

The Gathering Place

A warm home for family programs, behavioral health, and general neighborhood needs.

Claudia's House

A pantry dedicated to food security and family wellness. 

The Resting Spot

A transition apartment home for neighbors experiencing displacement.

Food Trailer

A mobile trailer that gives us the ability to visit local schools, senior centers, events and churches for food outreach with refrigerators and food warming equipment.  

Education Trailer

A mobile learning trailer with internet capability, tutors, and counselors for our students who don't have direct access to our after school enrichment program. 

Park on PAW

Beautiful neighborhood greenspace for our community to gather, rest, and play.

Learn About Our Campus

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