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Get Involved

Become An Imprinter

Our volunteers mean a lot to us & we couldn't do any of this without them. Often a volunteer shows up for a service project and quickly becomes family. That's one way of becoming an imprinter--- showing up as your authentic self and leaving your mark on the neighborhood.


We have had several programs start because a volunteer turned into neighbor.

Volunteering for PAWKids has brought me so much joy! When we serve we don't always know the impact the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear or the smallest act of caring could turn a life around.

Susie Judge

This hope became my story

Become a part of our story by getting involved

Drop Offs

We have a range of ways you can volunteer. In order to provide the level of services we offer, we need people to drop off the following items as regularly as possible.


PAWKids provide snacks to our families, school partnerships, and our senior citizens

Hygiene Bags

Our bags encourage good hygiene which can lower the risk of diseases and other illnesses.

Gift Cards

Gift cards help PAWKids provide families with essential items when faced with situations beyond their control.

Cleaning Supplies

PAWKids provides cleaning supplies and everyday household items in order to keep things clean and safe. 

Lunch Bags

These healthy lunches will be for our young scholars who attend our school program and learning PODS. 

Pre-Cooked Meals

Provide a yummy pre-cooked meal for an entire family. 

Plan A Local or Virtual Service Project

You and/or your organization want to plan a service a project? We would love to have you serve here! Reach out to our program coordinator and start planning your service project now.

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