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You Are Not Alone


Hope & Healing

LaTonya Gates and therapist Christie Pettit, set out to face the stigma and war of mental health in black impoverished communities.  PAWKids Counseling Services started small with two specifically skilled therapists.  Since then, it has blossomed into a city wide movement for mental health and healing for all ages. Through psychoeducation and individual, family, and group counseling sessions, we are experiencing healing and hope in the community.

Anger Management Group

Monday 11 AM
Skill building and processing session led by Kevin Morton, Licensed Therapist

Community (Open to All)

Tuesday 10 AM
Skill Building and Connecting with Elizabeth Bowen

Individual Sessions

Days and times vary, Work one-on-one with a counselor on skill building in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.

Future Services

Women & Teens Groups

Leaving An Imprint Through Mental Health


Meet Our Therapists

Alex Middleton

Christie Pettit

LaShay Dowley

Kevin Morton

Natalie Grubbs

Elizabeth Bowen

Darrin Payne

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