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"Swift" Rodnie Graham Jr.

"Swift" Rodnie Graham Jr.

General Member

Swift is a hip-hop artist, speaker & social activist. Inspired to create music after his cousins in New York motivated him to rap, Swift kicked off his career early on. Looking to artists like Nas, Jay-Z and Biggie for a push in creativity, Swift made sure to create music that would inspire others just like those artists did for him. “What continues to motivate me as an artist is the fact that this music that we create has the ability to inspire someone.” - Swift Not only is Swift’s music inspiring but he uses it as an outlet to spread positivity and bring awareness to social injustice. Along with being a part of 2 Grammy-nominated albums, Swift has also released 12 albums of his own - including his most recent projects, Higher Learning, You’re Welcome and You’re Welcome 2. All projects focused on shedding light on important topics. Outside of music, Swift is an outspoken activist and leader in his community, using his platform & voice to fight for those with no voice; the underserved & under-resourced. Swift recently launched a non-profit organization geared towards mentoring young men & women. Swift partnered with G.E.M.S Girls (an organization that fights against human sex trafficking) and released the single “UnHeard” to raise proceeds for the G.E.M.S Girls. Swift is also a speaker and has spoken at various detention centers, penitentiaries, schools, colleges, youth groups & community events around the country. Swift continues to inspire others.

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