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Counting Blessings

At PAWKids, we are blessed to be deeply engrained in our community. To continue stepping into what God is calling us to in Grove Park and beyond, we believe that is it important that our staff is being filled up wit

h truth. We prioritize taking time to rest, receive encouragement, and rejuvenate our spirits to continue overflowing the love and generosity of Christ onto others.

When we take a step away from the work that is being done daily, we often gain a grander perspective of what the Lord is doing in our own hearts and the hearts of those around us.

In August, some of the PAWKids team members were able to step away and experience a weekend away at Lake Lanier. Caring donors opened their home and offered a much-needed retreat to five members of the PAWKids team. This hospitality was a sweet reminder of how much support we receive from our generous donors.

There were many moments during this retreat that we were reminded of the values that we have as a ministry. Providing opportunities and new experiences to community kids is a value that LaTonya prioritizes. As trips and events are orchestrated for the kids in the community, we have learned that there is value in helping expand perspective outside of the neighborhood. We got to see this value in action at Lake Lanier! Two of our team members are from the Grove Park community and have rarely spent time outside of the neighborhood. This exposure to a new environment helps spark inspiration and creativity. By creating space for the staff team to enjoy this experience, we were all reminded of why we do what we do.

Not only did we dream and expand our vision, we were reminded that the work being done by PAWKids is not one sided. PAWKids does not only minister to neighborhoods in need, it ministers to the donors and individuals that get involved with this mission. Donors can broaden their horizons and understand the role they play in a bigger picture. One of the donors that hosted this weekend was touched as he got to know the staff members from PAWKids. He began to understand how life-giving it is to truly use his gifts to serve while also learning from people that are outside of his normal circle.

Our retreat allowed us to reflect on how grateful we are for the opportunities that the ministry has had to grow and evolve this year. We feel united as a team and thankful for the amazing individuals that the Lord has led to this ministry. We are excited to move into the next season with energy and excitement.

Thank you for prioritizing not only the endeavors of our ministry, but the health of our team as we continue to grow!

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