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Taking A Deeper Dive Into PAWKids Counseling Services With Kevin Morton

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Kevin Morton is a wonderful licensed therapist that has been providing counseling services to the Grove Park community since 2018. Kevin has a compassionate heart that, as he puts it, believes that "more communities need to access the enrichment services" that are provided for families and children through PAWKids. After hearing from Christie Pettit at the end of 2021, we were excited to take a deeper dive into PAWKids Counseling Services with Kevin Morton.

Kevin, how did you originally get introduced to PAWKids?

I started working with PAWKids in 2018. Christie Pettit and I have children that attend the same school. Christie introduced me to PAWKids and the Grove Park neighborhood. Together, we began co-facilitating group counseling sessions. There is a need in Grove Park, and all communities, to deal with the present circumstances. It is important to learn how to deal with anger, understand where it comes from, and address the fear and hurt beneath the service.

Tell me more about what counseling at PAWKids looks like for you each week?

When we started, we focused on creating a space for group sessions that were primarily for the staff members. Now, we facilitate group sessions, focus sessions, and 1:1 sessions each week. There is a men's group, women's group, and more. We are interested in finding a play therapist that can work with children in the neighborhood. I spend one day per week at PAWKids and the rest of my days are scheduled at the practice that I work for.

What has it been like to see the desire for counseling services expand across Grove Park?

The expansion of our services has been absolutely wonderful. It is inspiring to hear the stories about how counseling is improving and transforming people across the community. This change encourages adults and children to engage in their family dynamics in much healthier way.

What makes you passionate about PAWKids Counseling Services?

Therapists don’t often get to see the end result of the change that happens in the lives of their patients. Being able to see people from the neighborhood change is so inspiring to me. We have been able to walk with people as they process moments of their life, trauma, marriage, and community-wide problems. Seeing the glimmer of hope that is beginning to spark in people is amazing. There are so many people that are struggling, especially throughout the pandemic years. People are lonely, lacking social connections, suffering loss and trauma. An opportunity to experience healing from the inside out is a gift.

Tell me about one memory of your time with PAWKids that ignites your passion for this ministry?

We have a men's group session that takes place once per week. This group launched in October 2021. Just from the last few months, I can recognize the changes in people just based off of our conversations and their overall appearance and demeanor. These men are better able to express their feelings and emotions. Typically, men don’t enjoy diving into their feelings and emotions. Not only are they not able to express their emotions, they are often unable to put them into words. These men have been challenged to come face-to-face with their worldview. My goal is to provide a safe environment for people to sit with their feelings and express them as needed. I want to give people the space to process anything that they need to.

What are you excited for as this program continues to reach more people?

I am just excited about expanding deeper into the community and learning how we can better help local organizations, such as the police force, school systems, and parents. We want to find ways to encourage people throughout the neighborhood to experience the benefits of therapy.

What is one thing that you want to share with everyone who reads this article?

I want each person to know that change is already living inside of you! You are capable of growth and change. You just have to find a way to open up your mind and unleash your potential so that you can meaningfully connect to others that can help you accomplish your goals.

Please pray for PAWKids counseling services as we continue to reach more people across the Grove Park community.

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